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About our products

The raw materials:

At PS Aurora we only use a high quality Soy Wax for our products. The dye we use is environmentally friendly and the scents are a premium quality blend.

We use a good quality jar which can withstand the heat of a candle and can also be re-used or re-cycled when the life of the candle has ended. The packaging for our clam-shells is plastic which can also be re-cycled once no longer required.

We are proud to support suppliers and businesses from the UK and ensure all of our raw materials are from trusted UK suppliers. 

The making process:

We make the products by hand in small batches to ensure the high standard we want to provide and you would expect. We wear PPE and ensure the environment is clean and free of anything that could interfere with the process of the process.

Burn/melting time:

Candles: The candles come in either a round jar or a square jar. Both of which contain the same amount of scented wax and look fabulous in any room (if we do say so ourselves)! Once lit for the first time, the candle should stay lit for a minimum of three hours to allow the candle to reach its full potential melt pool and prevent ‘tunnelling’. After the first time of lighting you can light the candle for any time period you desire. The full burn time is approximately 25 – 30 hours.

Wax Melts/Clam-shells: Each individual chunk of wax from a clam-shell (10g) or two chunks from a sample bag (10g) will give off approximately 6 – 8 hours of scent. This can vary due to factors including, but not limited to; wax melt burner shape/size, electric/non-electric burner, room size, natural factors such as drafts & personal sensitivity to the scent.

The finished product:

At PS Aurora we hand-make all of our products, right down to the product labels. We do this as we want our products to have a personal feel to them and want our customers to feel they are a part of a wider family where everyone can appreciate the same things and enjoy reminiscing about past times and also creating new memorable moments when they small certain scents. The candle jars are stylish and will fit into any area of your home & we also have a range of wax burners which we feel will fit in perfectly in your home.

The finished products are always checked over to ensure they are a high quality and if we don’t think they are perfect – we wont sell them.

What do you think?

As a small business, we rely heavily on your feedback, comments and word of mouth to friends and family.

As a kind request, may we ask can you please feedback to us & the wider audience with your comments. You can do this by either going directly to the product you want to mention & leaving a review on the website, find us on Google and leave a review there, leave a review on our social media or just give us a mention to your friends & family when you see them! Any comments will be welcomed and we thank you in advance for your reviews/feedback.


All orders placed from Friday 27th May - Sunday 12th June will be shipped from Monday 13th June as we are away enjoying a well deserved break!

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sammie & Paul.