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How To Remove Old Wax Melts


I am the clumsiest woman on the planet and removing a wax melt was a nightmare before learning these little tips. Come on.. everyone needs some help once in a while!

Before these tips, I was ironing the carpet with a grease proof sheet, pulling my hair out and throwing clothes away which were ruined by wax. Take it from me, these hints and tips go a long way!

1. You cannot just bung another melt in and hope for the best, this just makes the scent weaker! (Yes, this lazy way has been tried and tested!)

2. This is my preferred technique. Melt the wax just for a minute (Depending on your wax melter, it may be sooner, so keep your eye on it), then simply slide the wax melt out from the dish using your fingers. If you have an electric burner, turn it off, if you are using a classic burner, remove the tealight, then clean with a cotton ball before adding a new scent. Please be careful with hot surfaces.

3. Add a small strand of ribbon into the dish which sticks out from the dish slightly (before the wax has melted), as the wax melts it will stick to the ribbon. (When doing this, please be careful that the ribbon is not long enough to reach the candle underneath)When it’s time to change the wax, let the wax completely harden, pull the ribbon and the wax should come up. If there are bits left, simply just scrape out the left-over wax out. This is a way to remove wax that is hard, so you do not have to deal with hot wax.

4. Once the wax is completely melted, add a few cotton balls. I know, it so simple! The cotton balls soak up all the wax and will clean the dish at the same time. Once clean, add your new scented wax melt. We recommend our Lavender scented wax melt. After all that cleaning, surely you deserve some relaxation!?! Be careful with the hot wax though, no-one likes burnt fingers!

5. Remove the dish from the electric burner, or tealight from burner and pop in the freezer for 20 minutes or so! When you remove from the freezer you should be able to just ‘pop’ the wax out and replace with a new wax melt.. it’s that simple!

From us to you, Happy Melting <3

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